One of my biggest hopes for this blog is to share testimonies of women in our own community. I am always encouraged by hearing how God is moving in real lives and I believe there is value in sharing our stories. So we set out to offer Thursday Testimonies and I have been mulling over what to share for several days now. In no way do I think that God is somehow obligated to prove Himself faithful to me, but time and again in my life He has done just that. Yesterday He gave me a little reminder of just how faithful He is and how creatively He weaves our stories together.

As I was walking down the hall at church, I ran into a friend from my high school years. This kind woman was a Young Life leader at the camp where I first entered into a true relationship with my Savior, Jesus. As a young married woman, she opened her home to a group of high school girls and I opened my Bible in a new way to experience God’s Word. All I knew is she invited me in and I thought I should show up. If I’m honest, I suspect that she wondered a time or two if her efforts with me were making any connection at all.

As I reflect on the ways she impacted my life, I specifically remember two things. First, for high school graduation, she gave me a book, “Six Hours One Friday” by Max Lucado. I devoured it and the sacrifice of Jesus became more real to me. I started to really believe that Jesus loved me. Second, when I returned for the summer after my first year of college, she invited me to a weekly meal at a friend’s house where I was challenged to memorize scripture. I vividly remember the day when that group prayed over me, asking God to give me a godly husband. At the time, a husband was not on my radar and I nearly laughed out loud. Now I have tears trickling down my cheeks because I am grateful for God’s answer. Both of these are relatively small gestures in the big scheme of life, but they were amongst the first seeds planted in my spiritual journey and God continues to deepen the roots and bring forth seasons of fruit.

Our paths don’t cross too often, but I am thankful they did yesterday. It reminded me that God will continue to water the seeds we are allowed to plant in the lives of those around us. God used my friend’s humble offering of her time to plant seeds in my life and I am ever grateful that she shared her Savior with me. So, when we find ourselves wondering if our efforts will ever bear fruit, let’s remember that our offerings don’t have to be grand to have a lasting impact. We can share Jesus in the simplest of ways and He is the faithful One who will water and tend to the roots.

I’d love to hear about the simple ways you’ve been encouraged along this journey.  Whose obedience and love for Jesus impacted you? What small seeds did God plant in your life?

One last thought … you may be thinking that I could have chosen a more applicable scripture image to accompany this post. Normally I would agree, but this is the verse I was challenged to memorize all those years ago and it is a delight to my soul today!


3 thoughts on “TESTIFY THURSDAY // On Friday

  1. Leanne, God has used you mightily. Your genuine kindness and thoughtfulness for others radiates from your spirit inside. I am blessed anytime I am around you! What a grand testimony for Christ !


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