Experience Rooted

It’s the time of year where I think “Hey, I should dust off the blog and be better about writing this year.”  So, we’ll see how far I get with the writing but here we go with a fall kick-off post …

School’s starting, pumpkin spice lattes are making their appearance, cooler weather is surely approaching and it’s time to think about fall Bible study.  Some things never change, but this year I want to invite you to experience Rooted at Faith E.   

What’s so special about Rooted?  In many ways, Rooted is a typical discipleship study filled with foundational truth designed to connect you with God, the Church and your purpose.  At the same time, Rooted really is so much more than just another study.  It’s an opportunity to sit at the feet of our Savior and engage both our hearts and our minds in community with other disciples.  Through daily reading and reflection questions it’s a time to slow down, be honest and examine life a little more closely, beginning with the roots of your faith.  

Anyone that knows me knows that I am not a gardener by any stretch.  If my family is reading this, by now they are laughing because they know that, in fact, I struggle to keep even a single basic houseplant alive.  However, I do know that roots are important.  They provide stability for the plant, keeping it anchored and upright.  The roots carry water and nutrients to the rest of the plant, bringing life and growth.  Hidden under what looks like healthy soil, sometimes roots become susceptible to fungus that causes them to rot and otherwise healthy plants to die. The roots can’t be taken for granted.

The same holds true with the roots of our faith.  When the soil of our heart is healthy, our faith grows deep and flourishes.  The only way to have healthy soil is to tend to it regularly, which is where the rhythms of Rooted become invaluable to our spiritual growth. Daily devotions, prayer, and repentance keep our roots from rotting and keep our faith anchored to the Savior.  With healthy roots we can live generously, serve and share our story of Jesus with others.   

As I journeyed through Rooted, it was one of those seasons in my life where the Father and I did a lot of work together.  As I dug deeper into the soil of my heart, the Master Gardner tended graciously and gently to the rotting roots that needed to be taken care of.  He reminded me of His great love for me, called me to deeper surrender and strengthened the roots of my faith.  

Sharing our stories and setting aside intentional time with others was a favorite part of Rooted.  It reminded me that I am not alone and allowed for a safe place to discuss the ways God was working.  By God’s grace He has created us for community and Rooted groups develop that gift as we share life together. 

Without a doubt, jumping into a Rooted group will be an adventure.  It will likely have some uncomfortable moments and it does take an investment of time.  I am also certain that Jesus is worthy and He will walk with you as He transforms your life.   

Don’t miss the adventure. Take the risk and join a Rooted group today!