What I’m Loving Wednesdays

As long as we’re bringing this blog back to life, let’s bring back What I’m Loving Wednesdays!  One of the things I do love is to share resources.

Have you read this article?

Did you hear that podcast?

Have you heard this new song?

So, today, what I’m loving is this blog from Scotty Smith that I first started reading occasionally a few years ago.  But over the last several months, I’ve read it on most days because it almost always reminds me of who I am and what my position is in Christ.  It elevates my thinking of who God is and it reminds me afresh of the riches I have in His Son.  I find that it challenges me to think differently of my circumstances and it often leads me to convictions of my thoughts and actions.  I love the way he describes the Father and it reminds me of the gospel-centered life I want to live.

I hope it encourages and challenges you as well!  I’d love to hear some of your favorite resources too, please share them.


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