Micah 6:8//Walk Humbly

Act JustlY (4)He has told you, O man, what is good; and what does the LORD require of you but to do justice, and to love kindness, and to walk humbly with your God.  ~ Micah 6:8

Walk Humbly …

These words have been rolling around in my mind for a week or more and I continue to circle around to the idea that walking humbly requires some type of action on my part.  I have to be willing to engage, to lean in, to move when it’s time and to wait when I would rather charge ahead. Thankfully, we aren’t called into action alone. We are called into action with our God.    Let that sink in … the Most High God wants us to walk with Him. He wants you and me to move day in and day out through life with Him.  What a privilege!

And yet, the magnitude of that can seem overwhelming.  Walking in relationship with the Creator of the universe … sometimes it’s too much for my mind to grasp.  Which is where the humble part comes in. A right perspective of who I am before a Holy God is key. In order to walk humbly, I must be willing to look at myself in relation to His holiness.  Alone, I fall short of the mark every single time.

Bottom line – I am a sinner who needs a savior.  He is Holy and worthy of my praise. I need God’s grace daily and He mercifully provided a way.  Through the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ, I can position myself under God’s authority.  As I walk in the day to day routines of life, the Holy Spirit continues His sanctifying work in me.   When I allow the Holy Spirit to direct my steps, there’s a freedom to move about with confidence … to seek justice and to love mercy.

All this is true – I know it to be true – I’ve experienced it in my life many times.   Yet decades (yes, gulp, it’s been decades of learning) into this requirement to walk humbly, I still question what that really looks like in my everyday life.  Practically speaking, how then do we get in a rhythm of walking humbly with God?

  • Pray.  Take time to sit with Him in prayer before the action of our day begins.  The sweet aroma of communion with God in prayer helps me remember what’s important.    Take a deep breath, be quiet and listen for the Shepherd’s voice.
  • Study His Word.  Searching the Scriptures for glimpses of the Father’s character is the best way I know to keep a humble perspective.   One way or the other, His Word almost always leaves me in awe of His goodness, love, faithfulness, grace, mercy, power … and on and on the list goes.   
  • Allow for Margin.This is a big one in my life right now.  I’m being reminded that I must keep my time fluid enough to engage with the very people God’s placed around me.  If I’m not careful, I can over-schedule every minute of my day and then I’m not really walking with God at all.  I’m doing a lot of things … even things for His Kingdom … but accomplished tasks without a humble heart are really just a checkmark at the end of the day.  I don’t want a life of checkmarks … I want a life marked by His grace and love extended to those around me.
  • Repent. I realize this isn’t a popular idea, but true humility cannot come from an unrepentant heart.  When God graciously shows me where I’ve behaved poorly or my thoughts go sideways or my attitude is a mess, humility requires that I come into agreement with His ways.  
  • Believe Him.  God wants us to believe Him – especially in terms of who He says we are.  We are His chosen people, holy and dearly loved. He doesn’t want us to strive for humility but somehow twist that into thinking we are unloved.   You and I are his beloved children.

My final thought is that perhaps walking humbly with our God is meant to be a beautiful mystery in some ways.  It’s an area of our Christian life that we are never to fully grasp because it’s meant to be a lifelong journey on this side of heaven.   May we learn to walk worthy!



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