What I am Loving Wednesday//100 Days to Brave


Short and sweet today…BUT, if you are looking for a new devotional to add to your quiet time, I would HIGHLY recommend Annie F. Downs’ 100 Days to Brave. I am 50 days in and I have to say, this is the first time I have stuck with a devotional book of this style. I know, I am terrible :).

I love AFD and have been a long time fan so I went in thinking I’d probably like 100 Days. Truth is, I LOVE it. I love her practical words of advice and inclusion of Bible verses. Each day reads like you are sitting with a friend, just talking life. It’s an easy read and incredibly relateable.

I also love how she covers bravery outside of the “normal” context of bravery (i.e. being courageous in a tough or scary circumstance). She applies bravery to relationships, work, and change. They are short devotions that carry a punch and really, truly, have made me think about some things that I hadn’t thought about before…I mean, do YOU have a life thesis statement? Me either…until now, thanks to this devotional!

Highly encourage you to check it out and explore what bravery means a woman of Jesus. You won’t regret it! Happy Wednesday!


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