Love INC: Our Local Impact Partner


Love INC, or Love In the Name of Christ, is the last of our local impact partners to introduce. If you haven’t learned about our other partners—Child Bridge and Family Promise—check out posts from November 5th and 11th to learn more about these ministries and how to get connected and serve.

Love INC‘s mission is “to mobilize local churches to transform lives and communities In the name of Christ.” Many churches find themselves being constantly contacted for need requests from individuals, families and groups. While each church seeks to meet these needs the best they can (if at all), they may not have the resources to do it well.

Instead of every church putting forth a makeshift effort to meet each need that knocks on its door, why not collaborate across the city and across denominations to serve people with our strengths? And know that resources we can’t provide are being offered by someone who can? Thanks to Love INC, bridges have been built between the people with the needs and the churches with resources.

For example, one Billings church has a system in place to repair automobiles–the space, the help, the tools. Another Billings church offers classes on budgeting and finances. Another church collects diapers, while another houses a food pantry. Why spread our resources thin when others can go above and beyond to do certain things well? Again, thank you to Love INC!!

So how does this all work? Love INC is a clearinghouse. People in need call Love INC. With patience and prayer, Love INC volunteers listen and respond with Christlike compassion to the situation at hand. After referencing their database of resources, they can refer the caller to the most appropriate place.

How can you help?

  • If you are made aware of needs, refer to Love INC! 406-206-5896
  • If you have a skill you’d like to share, contact Love INC and become a volunteer!  These skills can be nearly anything—computer programming, shopping, yard work, haircuts…

FaithE is filling a specific gap for washer and dryer needs. If you or someone you know is updating their appliances and willing to donate their used washer and dryer, please let us know! We have a relationship with a repair shop who can get them in best working order and ready to donate.

Also, if you would like to help contribute a “blessing basket” to accompany the appliances, this is another area of need! Individually or together with your family, coworkers, or life group, consider donating laundry items. We have previously blessed families with a laundry basket, detergent, dryer sheets, hangers, a devotional, journal, and cookies. There is room for creativity here! Contact me at

Christlike relationships can be transformative. While the receivers of these resources may not know Christ, they are able to be in relationship with those of us who do. Please consider how you can bring Christ to our community!

“How beautiful are the feet of those who bring good news!” Romans 10:15b


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